SUGON is a top-rated brand in the repair industry, known for its cutting-edge tools and equipment that are designed to help repair professionals work more efficiently and effectively. At Repair Tool, we are proud to offer a range of high-quality products from the SUGON brand, including specialized tools for smartphone and tablet repair, such as soldering stations, hot air rework stations, and desoldering tools. SUGON is dedicated to producing reliable and precise tools that are essential for repairing modern electronics, and their products are trusted by repair professionals around the world. Whether you are a seasoned repair technician or just starting out, SUGON tools and equipment can help you achieve superior results in your repair work. Shop our selection of SUGON products today and discover why they are a go-to choice for professionals in the repair industry.

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AIFEN A8 Soldering Station With Digital Display T12 Handle


AIFEN A9 Soldering Station With C210 Handle Iron Tips


JBC C210-020 Tip Soldering Iron for T210 Handle Pen


SUGON 2020D 700W Hot Air Gun Soldering Station With Heat Changing Channel-Lead Free


SUGON 3005 DC Power Supplier with Variable Switch for Mobile Phone Repair


SUGON 858D Heat Gamo Air Gun Heating Element Soldering Iron Station


SUGON 8610DX 1000W Hot Air Rework Station LED Display Lead-free Heat Gun


SUGON LCD Touch Screen Separator Machine for Mobile Phone Repair 500W 8120A (8.5 inch)


SUGON T26D Soldering Station Lead-free 2S Rapid Heating With 3 Kind 210 Iron Tips


SUGON T36 Nano Soldering Station 1S Rapid Heating With 3 Kind 115 Iron Tips


SUGON T3602 2 in 1 Soldering Iron Station Welding Station with 2 Soldering Handle


Wei-115 (I) Soldering Iron Tip for SUGON T36 / T3602 Soldering Station